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Speed Monarchs

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1 Speed Monarchs on Fri Oct 30, 2009 4:31 pm

Other wise know as speed archs!

3x caius
3x raiza
1x DAD
2x spy
1x guard
1x cyber dragon
1x treeborn frog
2x jester confit
2x dekoitch
2x mask of darkness
1x sangan


2x my body as a sheild
2x allure of darkness
2x pot of avarice
2x book of moon
1x heavy
1x mst
1x brain
1x swords
1x lightning vortex

3x reckless
1x torrential tribute
1x call of the haunted
1x oppresion

side deck
2x soul release
1x system down
2x spell striker
1x dark panther
1x Mobius
3x mirror of oaths
1x malovlent catshtrohe
2x jujistu master
2x kykoo the ghost destroyer

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2 Re: Speed Monarchs on Fri Oct 30, 2009 4:46 pm


i'd work on your side deck. your worst matchup is ls because aurkus. i would drop panther and an oath for 2 crows, side them in cause they are allurable and u can bring them back with avarice if needed. i don't know how 2 my bodys are working out, i can imagine they would test well because of icarus and whatever.

how is confit working, its a dead card if u draw no monarchs unlike krebons.

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3 Re: Speed Monarchs on Sun Nov 01, 2009 1:41 am


why did you change your deck from the saturday you went 5-0? just update your side for vayu good gravy.

if your going for speed...

the tricky
autonomous action unit
instant fusion
spell striker

you can't play dekoichi, the only monster i would other "monsters" i would play are gravekeepers. dont mix decktypes, you can play oppression monarchs, spin monarchs, and speedarchs in the same deck.

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