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Life equalizer otk

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1 Life equalizer otk on Fri Oct 30, 2009 2:30 pm

The main point of the deck is to draw your deck out first turn set all 3 traps and u win.

here we go

3x ojama black
3x ojama green
3x ojama yellow
3x royal magical library
3x volcanic shell
3x thunder dragon

3x hand destruction
3x dark world dealings
3x upstart goblin
2x ojamagic
2x pot of avarice
2x magical mallet
2x mgaical stone excavation
1x reload
1x card destruction

1x blasting the ruins
1x life equalizer
1x wall of revaling light

soo u pay 7000 lp with wall of revaling
then, you play life equalizer because u most likly played an upstart goblin making it 8000 or +
then u use blasting the ruins to do 3000 damage 4 game
that simple

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2 Re: Life equalizer otk on Fri Oct 30, 2009 2:55 pm


i dont think 2 pot of avarice are needed, i can see you getting some bad hands with those pretty fast. is there a reason for shell? i would replace those with dark monsters because i believe rml is dark, and then i would add 2 allures, and then possibily let the 2 pots go back in.

other then that if its an otk, its an otk. it goes off when its setup right, but your always vulnerable do those horrible otk hands :/

looks good other then that

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